Friday, May 14, 2010

Maddy."Allways" playing it cool...

Creating this blog to capture some moments we had with Mahendra or Maddy as we fondly call him... His lively, spontaneous, friendly and loving nature will keep him alive in our hearts forever... Words shall never be enough to express how much we all will miss him!

Not only a good dancer, but a good singer as well... infact a full entertainment package.. saala nautanki :P

Again.. Maddy at his best!!! ..shows his true spirit as we all know it.

Aur phir Dube ji ko kar dia naaraaz.. as usual...!!!

This was one of those many after-midnight times when we went out of our campus for tea.. this particular time Maddy also had to take out money out of the SBI ATM, which had a security guard in deep sleep... and guess who wanted to be clicked with that guard ???

Miss you buddy!

Frozen Moments

A compilation by Pankaj